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Chairman Words

“As Gold is much more than a metal, and the Nile is much more than a river, Grand Capital is much more than an investment corporation”

Grand Capital for Financial Investments (GCFI) is an investment holding corporation engaged in a broad range of business activities. We constantly strive to meet our customer's needs. In meeting those needs, every thing we do must be of high quality. Our customer's orders are serviced promptly and accurately. We also strive to behave socially responsibly in order to increase our business and to raise our profits. Meeting our customer's best expectations and acting as a responsible to the community where we live and work are the pillars of our reputation.

Because we are customer-driven organization, we hire people who set their hearts on fire and love to stay on their toes. It's important that our people enjoy their work and feel they possess all the necessary skills to do their job to the best of their ability. We believe that happy and motivated people will produce extremely satisfied customers.

We did not achieve our success by chance. People who shared dreams and aspirations worked together to constitute our great firm. The road ahead will be even longer because our goals are even grander. But with a clear mission, and loyal hearts that have driven us from the beginning, we're certain that we can face the challenges of our changing business world, continue our accelerating growth, and preserve our identity along our long road.

“Our team is keen to transform our values into behaviors, our vision into figures, and any difficult situation into an extraordinary achievement.”



We set our own equation of success from the first day of our businesses.
This equation is
Positive leadership + High performing team + Great customers = Brilliant results

We have applied the requirements of the equation correctly, so the growth of grand investment for securities brokerage in the ranking of securities brokerage companies that work in Egypt was as follows:

Quarter/Year Trading volume Ranking
year ended at 2009 9,132,016,784 14
3rd Q / 2009 2,595,950,035 14
2nd Q / 2009 3,001,728,013 16
1st Q / 2009 1,585,021,393 11
year ended at 2008 7,337,899,064.25 24
3rd Q / 2008 1,547,904,931 20
2nd Q / 2008 2,477,722,873 23
1st Q / 2008 1,861,067,288 28
year ended at 2007 (first year of our business) 4,136,614,509,57 28